Out East is a voluntary community group that formed in 2010 to organise HACKNEY QUEER PRIDE MARCH which will now be an annual event. We are responding to the rise of homophobic and transphobic attacks in the borough and want to show the unity of all communities in Hackney against not only homophobic and transphobic attacks, but all hate crime and intolerance.

We are taking a stand against the de-politicisation and commercialisation of 'pride' events globally and also campaigning for a progressive position on gay rights discourse. We stand in clear opposition to gay imperialism, homonationalism and the instrumentalisation of LGBTQ communities to justify the contravention of human rights internationally.

We want our annual event to become a touch point and a platform for all the LGBT and queer community groups and charities in the Borough, as well as organisations who support LGBT, queer and human rights. We want to encourage all of these groups to share information and increase their visiblility.

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Hackney Queer Pride March?

Come along and discuss what you would like to see happen this September. Everybody welcome.

159 Mile End Road
Stepney Green
E1 4AQ


If you can’t make this there will be a meeting happening almost every Thursday leading up to the action. Please call  020.7791.2855  - They will be able to tell you when ‘Out East’ has next booked a meeting room.